Cornus mas

Cornus mas covered with snow  
Cornus Mas, Cornelian Cherry, gele  kornoelje, cornouiller mâle, ou sauvage (pictures)
It is a large winter-flowering  shrub with tinny bright yellow flowers, which make a real impact this time of the year when colour is very scare.
The flowers are produced in profusion along the tree’s bare branches. 
Pruning can keep him relatively compact.  .
In autumn they produce red cherry-like fruits which are edible                                 


Hamamelis x Intermedia "Pallida" (pictures)



Hamamelis x intermedia “Pallida”, Chinese Witch Hazel, Toverhazelaar,  (pictures)
It is one of the loveliest winter-flowering shrubs, with spreading branches, which is always welcome during the long dark days, moreover it is a centrepiece to the winter borders.
Chinese witch-hazels are slow growing and it will take many years to become as big as our one.  Our hamamelis on the pictures is 40 years young.  Its spidery flowers are light yellow, with a dark red/brown centre.  Later in the year when the flowers have disappeared and the leaves fully developed he may be used as a host plant for a climber such as a clematis.    Hamamelis “Pallida” smells deliciously and has a very outstanding autumn colour. Hamamelis doesn’t need pruning.