Cornus mas

Cornus mas covered with snow  
Cornus Mas, Cornelian Cherry, gele  kornoelje, cornouiller mâle, ou sauvage (pictures)
It is a large winter-flowering  shrub with tinny bright yellow flowers, which make a real impact this time of the year when colour is very scare.
The flowers are produced in profusion along the tree’s bare branches. 
Pruning can keep him relatively compact.  .
In autumn they produce red cherry-like fruits which are edible                                 


Iris Pseudacorus”Bastardi”, Yellow Flag

At the beginning of April  
At the end of April
Flowering at the end of May


 As you can notice the leaves became light green

Iris Pseudacorus”Bastardi”, Yellow Flag,  Iris des marais “Variegata”, gele lis The variegated form of the wild yellow flag which produces golden flowers in early summer..  It is less invasive than the self-seeding plain green form.  The leaves become green in summer.I often use the leaves for my flower decorations (weaving).  It will grow in the margins of a pool or in a moist or wet soil.  Propagation : an old overgrown clump will benefit of being lifted and divided and in that way you increase your plants.