Angelica Archangelica (pictures)

Angelica archangelica (picture) Angélique, grote engelwortel

H. 1.40/2 m. Flowering June/July. It is a well-known ornamental herb.  It is a biennial plant that should be positioned in a sunny spot.  Angelica is very decorative in leaf and creamy flowers.  The stems can be crystallized and used in cakes.  As for all self-sowers the seed heads should be removed. It likes humus and wet soil in Summer.



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Crinum x powelli

Crinum  x powelli, haaklelie, la crinole (picture)

 H. 1.20  Flowering season : 7/9. Plant in Spring.  Crinum needs full sun and well-drained, though not dry, humus soil. They develop best if you leave them undisturbed for many years. Long strap-shaped leaves (1m).  Out of the middle of the loaf rosette comes a tall stem with several lily-alike flowers over a period of weeks. A magnificent bulbous plant that mostly is cultivated in pots.  In our garden the crinums grow in the borders and are protected in winter with leaves.  They appreciate a big gift of compost before flowering.  Plant the bulbs so that the tips are only lightly covered.  They also exist in white.

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Flower decoration made of autumn flowers, leaves, fruits and seedboxes

  • leaves and flowers of yucca;
  • leaves of the oak- and plane-tree;
  • yellow roses (rosa Graham Thomas);
  • equisetum
  • medlars;
  • fruit of chaenomeles superba  (Similar autumn flower decorations on the Dutch blog)